Phrases and slogans are the going to be the new domain registration boom. We will be seeing more phrases and slogans being registered by companies who realize the power of branding via websites and domaining. If you have been reading blogs by domainers such as Sadar's Conceptualist or Ricksblog then you will understand this platform that I stand on. If not subscribe to one or both of those blogs to learn more.

Direct Navigation allows Internet users to type in a generic name or phrase like "" directly into their web browser.

I guess I am really excited about the possibility of new domains that can be registered with just a little bit of creativity. Take for example, the name of this blog. I create a couple years ago not even knowing what I would do with the name. I actually create it to give people an opportunity to blog different things that they wanted to in regards to information and entertainment. Plus, someone already registered the very popular

Some major companies get it. and are great websites that big companies are using in their ad campaigns.

One of my web properties tag line is Caribbean Lifestyle Media. This is a phrase that makes sense and clearly defines what DancehallSoca is all about. I registered as well because this is a term that was create by me and I have all right to own the phrase on the Almighty dot com platform.

Now, it would clearly make no sense to create a tag line or phrase and not register it as a dot com. It is already happening and I think it is great that companies are recognizing the power of domains in their marketing.



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