On my blog http://www.informtainment.com/ I often discuss this new business of domains. I have a belief that in order to get ahead we have to create. It is a simple equation that by the time the masses learn about a new technology millionaires are already created because they innovate the technology or the movement.

So this blog is about domains, optimization, the Caribbean and a vision. The other day Cowboy.com was sold for well over $300,000. Now you might say "I don't have that kind of money" or in West Indian terms "mi caan afford dat." If you take a closer look at who cashed out. He was a simple guy who clearly did not pay that much for the dot com.
My guest is that when he purchase the domain name he probably had some lofty goals of what he would do with the name. It seems like it did not work for him. So lets do the math (not exact numbers). He purchased the domain for $9 a year. He had the domain for 10 years. He then sells the domain for $300,000 (not exact number). Here is my equation: 9 x 10 = $90. He made $299910.

Do not get too excited yet, my suggestions here is that we are all from small Islands and have different things around us that we want to do. There are a number of ways to be creative with the medium we call Internet. (my informal mentor Squeeze from Link up Media owns 30 websites, I have never met him, I am not his cousin or family member. Lol i admire his work). I mention that because he is my blue print. Find your blue print and explore it. I like talking about the Internet because it is relatively easy to start a business and make money using the Internet.

DancehallSoca.com has done just that. We launched in May 2007 (yes, 6 months of existence). We get 20,000 visits per months. Many people got it! The name is easy to remember and a lot of Caribbean people love both Dancehall and Soca. If you like just one, Dancehall or Soca there is something her for you as well.

Here is my equation for success: Websites x Hard work + something I love = Success. So use this as a blue print. Link me Admin@motexgroupllc.com if you want to learn more about how to do this and where to get resources. Please remember the Caribbean is uncharted territory.



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