I must say I am proud to see just about every commercial on TV with a dot com attached to their commercials.

I like http://www.nowwhat.com/ and http://www.thinkaboutit.com/. This is an example of the type of branding that people will see more of in the future.

With one of my shopping portals http://www.lillianoutlets.com/ I did the same thing a few months back. http://www.findinternetdeal.com/ So if you go to Yahoo and search for Find Internet Deal 219,000,000 is the number for this particular search. Find Internet deal is optimized # 6.

This is an example of how a term that people type in everyday can also be optimized to serve a purpose with one of my brands. I like to put find in front of any term and see what kind of navigation I get. For example Find+ Vacation Resorts= FindVacationResorts.com.

I was with friend the other day who did just that they typed in FIND XYZ. I also noticed that with the new Internet Explorer. You can just type in a name in your browser it will bring you to the site that closely matches that.



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