50 cents G UNOT

I know that 50 cents have been getting a lot of press lately. I decided to dig a little deaper into how savvy is 50 cents when it comes to Business.

Well, lets back up a little. Do you remember GAME. He is the rapper who was with 50 cents record company and later left to start this campaign against 50 cent and G-UNIT company.

GAME came up with the slogon G-UNOT to show his distain for his former boss and now nemesis. Well here is the kicker. 50 Cent owns and trademarked G UNOT as of March 30th, 2007.

So basically what GAME did was produce a name that he does not own and his former boss seems to still be making money from him.

Thought this was interesting. The unfortunate thing is that the name G-UNOT.com was register back in 2005 by a guy in Michigan.



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