Internet Real Estate reminds me of a high stakes Monopoly game. This is what it comes down to. Virtually every word in the English language can be registered. [Please do not register names that have been trademarked] I will say this is one of the mission of and also another company These two companies are on the forefront of a new frontier. Surprisingly enough, even though this is written about in every magazine. I thought more people would know about IREIT.

The focus seems to be that these companies buy up property and when it is you and I turn to get into the game. We are left behind. I would like to look at this like the Industrial Revolution. This is the Internet Revolution. Believe me, I would love to not say I told you so. Everyday the smart people are harnessing the power of the web. It is wide open and clearly waiting for someone to grab a hold and let it ride. Better yet, markets in other countries are still open. Literally, not many people in developing countries are using domain names. Go there and stake claim.

C. Brighter

Stay informed!



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