Reggae songstress Sophia Brown will return to the island next week after completing her video shoot for her latest single, Weak to You, in Hollywood, California. She said that the shoot, her first two-day video shoot, was quite challenging but was a smashing success on many levels. "We shot on a beach, where we clambered up on some rocks. At one point, I was doing an interview with IRIE FM when a huge wave lashed the rock I was standing on and wash the camera crew and me off the rock and the phone got wet and I lost the call. That was quite an experience," she said, laughing.

"The other day we spent shooting in Malibu, and we got some really gorgeous shots and I was impressed with the professionalism of the director Kai and his camera crew, they were really great and spot on in what they were doing and what they were trying to accomplish."The Weak to You single is already generating great buzz in international markets, especially Europe, and has made it to the playlists of some mainstream radio stations in France and Germany.

The buzz augurs well for the release of her debut album, Spotlight, which will be launched on April 15th in Jamaica this year. The album will be available on iTunes and all major downloadable sites in May. Listen to song here



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